Saturday, August 4, 2012


There appears to be a belief out in the coaching world that "run-oriented" offensive schemes (like the Pistol-Flex) are only good for talking time off the clock and wearing your opponents down.  There is never a mention of triple philosophies being a great "big play" scheme.  I disagree!

Like with any offense that has ever been used in this great game of ours, the Pistol-Flex IS a big play offense.  Whether a team throws the ball for a long strike down field, or throws a short screen pass that ends up going a long way, or runs the ball for an 80 yard TD, it all is the same!  The bottom line is that every play that is devised has the potential to go all the way for 6 points as long as every team member executes their individual roles flawlessly.  After all, football comes down to two things: blocking and tackling!

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